Trials for 2024/25 squads will be held at

Wellington College, Berkshire

Sunday 6th October 2024 – U11 boys (am) and U11, U12 & U13 girls (pm)

Sunday 17th November 2024 – U12 boys (am) and U13 boys (pm)

Players can be nominated either by their School or directly by emailing [email protected]

At the trials we will select an ‘A’ Squad for each age group and a Development Squad.

The ‘A’ Squad are the best 18 players (including two goalkeepers) while the Development Squad is for those that the selectors feel have just missed out on an ‘A’ Squad place.

We have a team of selectors with at least three selectors watching every match at the trial.

All the players that attend our trials are good quality players, but we are often asked what the selectors are looking for when it comes to making that difficult choice. So here is a brief summary.

1) Look for ‘wow’ moments

The selectors are looking for an aspect of the player’s game that is exceptional or unusual; something that could be described as a ‘wow’ moment. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a fantastic bit of skill but it might be a great tackle or a pass.

2) Understanding the context  

We only see the players once so the selectors take into consideration as accurately as possible factors such as: the quality of the opposition; whether the player is playing in their favoured position; the quality of the direct opponent and so on.

3) Prediction

We look at a ‘potential’ grade to go alongside the performance grade. Does the player have the potential to keep improving and developing as a football and a young person. We are also aware that players will physically develop at different times and ages.

4) Social ability and psychology

It’s not easy to suddenly play with a group of players and coaches you don’t know so the trial is a great opportunity to look at psychological and social behaviours.

We are looking for polite, organised players who will get on well with players that they don’t know from their own school or club.

5) Parents

Yes, everyone is on trial! We expect parents to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner on the sidelines.


For the most talented Independent School footballers across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Surrey