Who do I contact if I need to get hold of a player or their coach?

Your coaches phone numbers will be in the Parents WhatsApp group created shortly before the trip. If you need to speak to your son/daughter and can’t get hold of them on their own phone then ring the coach. Parents will also be provided with Emergency Numbers before the trip.

Do players need a phone?

Players do not need a phone but we accept that most players will have one. Please ensure you speak to your son/daughter about how to use their phone and remember that children don’t write messages in the same way that adults do. Phones should only be used for calling or messaging home. There is no need for players to have a smartphone. Players will not be allowed to show other children their phone and any misuse of phones will result in them being taken away. All phones do need to be handed in before bedtime and will be returned in the morning.

My son/daughter is anxious about the trip. Any suggestions?

This is quite normal. It’s an exciting trip but there are lots of unknowns for players and parents!  Do just consider if it’s the parents or the players who are anxious! We sometimes find children are worried but it’s more common to find that it’s really the parents!  If parents have any concerns they can get in touch with us.  We have a lot of experience and will be pleased to help.

If it is the children who are anxious then try to understand exactly what is worrying them. They will often be looking at a ‘worst case’ scenario and worrying about things which they don’t need to worry about. If there is clarity about specifically what is worrying them then we or you as parents can reassure the player and come up with a solution together.

I’m worried my son/daughter will get homesick. Any tips? 

We do understand that being away from home can be very difficult for some players. Our coaches have a lot of experience of how to deal with homesick players, but some players do still get upset.

Back and forth messages and phone calls usually makes things much worse for everyone. Evenings can be particularly difficult when players are tired.

Click here for our guide to homesickness.

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